Athletic Mobility Therapy & Training

Sport Specific Programming

Personalized programming designed to enhance overall movement efficiency for your specified training and sport.

One-on-one Sessions

Build an intuitive mobility practice through personalized sessions made for your day to day training schedule.

Performance Therapy

Manual therapy to problem solve areas of injury related but not limited to muscle strains, immobility and joint pain.

Health Optimization 

Advice on how to build a routine for optimal use and mindful integration of light therapy, sleep, brain blood flow, hydration, supplementation, nutrition and other biohacking upgrades.

In-Person & Remote Training Rates Vary

Sessions Offered:

Please be advised all in-person Athletic Mobility and PT sessions are booked by reservation only.30, 60 and 90 minute sessions are offered in person, with mobility and meditation sessions offered online.


Athletic Mobility & Meditation

All athletes are welcome to come into their session with an area of mobility / flexibility to focus on. If seeking mental performance only, please be prepared to share your current limiting beliefs at the beginning of the session.
Coach Amy will use her extensive knowledge of yoga and movement to tailor your session exactly to you.
* When building an athlete's program many things are taken into consideration including but not limited to: previous injuries, current imbalances, sport position, energy system utilization, neural capacity and potential limiting mindset. *


Performance Therapy

Performance Therapy includes but is not limited to Manual Therapy, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, ART (hands-on approach to treating of Myofascial Trigger Points [MTrP*]), Flossing, Banded Mobility Exercises and Joint Distraction Techniques.
If Coach Amy is traveling to you, she will provide everything needed. (Note: A massage table will be an additional cost.)
* MTrPs are found in our muscles and surrounding fascia. Most are deep within the muscle, and have proven to positively impact an athlete's tissue quality when treated. *

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