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Amy Bichajian

Amy Graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2020 from Bridgewater State University.
Her degree held is a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education with concentrations in Exercise Science and Health Fitness.Her Masters of Science is in Strength and Conditioning.
She has over seven years of teaching yoga under her belt, as well as 4 years as a personal trainer. Her degrees in Physical Education combined with her various yoga trainings and years working with professional athletes has developed her knowledge to encompass that of a holistic, sport-specific physical therapist.

CEO & Head Trainer

Amy grew up a competitive dancer and soccer player. Tennis, Track & Field, one meter diving and swimming were a few other sports she played and learned to love.From a young age Amy was on a competitive dance team, at 11 she was nominated for the United States Dance Team. She placed fourth overall in her age group on Team USA. Around this same time Amy had serious joint pain throughout her body. This was thought to have been simply growing pain. When she stopped dancing at age 15 due to burnout and to try the various sports listed above, the joint pain finally ceased.
Years later in 2017, after just two months of being a part of the Dance Team at the University of New Hampshire, the joint pain returned. This time medical tests and blood work were performed, and high levels of inflammation in all of her joints were found. After learning of this information Amy had to make the hard decision to choose between continuing her life long passion and stay on the University's Dance Team, or listen to the health and well-being of her body and stop the movements that were causing so much pain. Her decision was one for longevity and health, and she chose not to continue dancing at that level.
This is when Amy truly realized her life path and decided to create her own sport-specific, physical therapy based, fluid yoga practice.She was already certified in Sport Yoga at this time, and knew the low impact movements of yoga would in turn help heal her body while also filling her personal void of not dancing.
Fast forward to today... Amy has officially developed a truly safe and efficient way of moving for athletes of all levels and abilities. As she loves to say, "Build a strong foundation, so you always have the ability to dance on top of it."

A few of Amy'sDegrees & Certifications


The Name + Practice- Athletic Mobility -

Athletic Mobility, Inc. CEO Amy created the term Athletic Mobility in 2018 shortly after her decision to stop dancing at a highly competitive level. This is when she fully ventured on her life’s mission to create an ideal and efficient cross-training movement program specifically designed for athletes. When considering what to name it she had to consider what it was she was truly doing.
Amy knew she was making this training style athlete driven. Too many athletes, herself included at one point, fall victim to overuse injuries. Similarly, athletes manage to push and play through chronic pain and discomfort. Mental and physical stress, strain and imbalances are constantly played through unresolved.
Physically, Developing Strength through Full Range of Motion is the essence of this intuitive practice.Designed for athletes to build dynamic movement patterns and strengthen neuromuscular connections on and off the field.
Aside from being athlete driven, Amy realized that while the foundation of this training style comes from physical yoga (asana), ultimately it is so much more than that.Encompassing techniques taken from fascia therapy combined with individualized physiology, mental training and strength and conditioning.Energy systems, meditation, physical training and nutrition come together for a proven cross-training style program built into a lifestyle.