From Alignment to Enlightenment...



Athletic Mobility was built to inspire and transform every athlete to move, perform and play more intuitively - through a deepened mind-body connection.

Founded in yoga, resistance training and neuroscience, an individualized Athletic Mobility series will help you re-build a functional physical foundation while strengthening your neuromuscular connection. We work with your stretch reflex system to safely train strength through full range of motion. Mobility sequences are built with sport specificity in mind and performed for neuromuscular and fascial system integration.

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More than "just yoga"

Athletic Mobility differs from other functional training methods because of our integrated approach to a holistic lifestyle while training. We encompass mind, body and soul into our sessions through guided meditations, intention setting, nutrition, asana and strength training. What makes us stand apart is our ability to utilize all of the tools from east to west to build upon an athletes individualized needs, making each training session different from the last.

  • Increased Mobility & Flexibility

    We work with your stretch reflex, nervous and fascia systems to increase strength through various ranges of motion.

  • Reduction of Injuries and Strains

    We identify any imbalances and injuries in the body then use a variety of therapy techniques intended to reduce muscle tension and increase tissue quality for performance longevity.

  • Increased Mental Performance

    AMI Meditation sessions give you the tools necessary to excel in competition and life. Pranayama (breathwork), Dharana (deep focus), intention setting & visualization techniques are utilized to increase your mental fitness on and off of the field.

Personalized Sessions

All in person training is booked by appointment only.Yoga and Performance Therapy sessions are done at our facility in Tempe, Arizona.We can also travel to you!